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The after-affects of insanity - The OOC Community of Sora no Hikari [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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The after-affects of insanity [Oct. 28th, 2007|02:33 pm]
OOC Community of Sora no Hikari


[Current Location |hospital]
[Current Mood |crankycranky]

Joining: Neji and Hiashi

Setting: Konoha’s General Hospital

Details: the head of the Hyuuga clan comes to visit his nephew. Pity no one told him Neji was crazy.


The fact of the mater was the it sucked to have a broken wrist, but drugs were worse, and nurses where the things of hell, and Neji was willing to suck it up and go without them, but someone, somewhere had gotten the idea that he needed them. Which he didn’t. No way. Not at all. Jounin could go without painkillers.

One of the medics obviously disagreed. Said medic had asked nicely first. Then not so nicely, even resorting to the use of a blow-dart.

Said medic now had a broken-nose. Jūken could do some very destructive things when the user wasn’t looking as the blow was aimed. And a shattering nose made some very cool sounds. Something of a liquid crunch, only the crack was somewhat muffled, more like pressure was being applied, and there was some give, but not enough to make it sound like glass. A neat sound. Neji almost wished he could do it again. Maybe the medics would discharge him then. Maybe then he could get back on active duty.

It would be good to be back on active duty. Neji could fight when he was on active durty. Really fight. Not sparring, no, since people weren’t supposed to die when sparring. Real fighting meant you could do whatever you wanted. Real fighting meant there would be damage, and there would be blood, and eventually, some one would die.

Neji wanted to feel like that again. Wanted it real bad.

It was when the young Jounin was occupied with such bloody thoughts that Hyuuga Hiashi found him, blood on his hands, Byakugan activated (which the medics had explicitly ordered him not to do, but who the hell listened to medics anyways?).