Let the pimping begin!

Tell your friends... hit up all your favorite Naruto coms... be as ruthless as an ARMY recruiter!  Lets get some more people!!

Oh, and if anyone here wants to also take their character over onto the craigslist rp, let me know and I'll correct that info on the forum
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the forum is nearly ready.  care to peek?

At this point I believe it's alright for you to register, go read the rules and all but please no posts just yet.  what I need from everyone now is to know who is coming over, and whether you are planning to keep your character/s for crack, canon, or both.

After that I'm going to start the massive advert campaign to try and fill as many holes as possible.  the canon line will be started from scratch, picking up right after Naruto returns from training at the beginning of shippuden so as to give our evil doers more to evilly do. Crack will be picked up from where we are current, if your character isn't terribly involved in the crack now that's fine, gives you more to play with >.<

And to our Akatsuki!  I hope you guys will pick up and join in the crack!  Gaara is bored and getting fat, and I think Naruto is as well.  We have so many bad guys... and no evil going on! 

As always, any questions, comments, suggestions are welcome!

ja ne!
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Points to remember: Keep the head of T&I happy. Or at least try...

Joining: Shizune and Ibiki
Setting: Ibiki's office
Details: Shizune's bringing the gift of light to the depths of T&I, manages to have some conversation with someone in her generation that doesn't revolve around dating or babies (at least, human ones)
Rating: PG-13 since Neji's torture is likely to come up...and well...Ibiki in general XD

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visiting hours

Joining: reserved to Neji and Sasuke (later on if he wants to check in)
Setting: Neji's hospital room
Details: Hinata finally gets up the nerve to really sit down and talk to Neji about everything that's happened since he left on that mission.  Will she be able to soothe his wounded spirit, or only add to his grief?
Rating: R depending upon the behavior of a certain cranky patient, as well as possible reference to torture, rape and captivity

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Kakashi's Birthday!

Joining: Everyone
Setting: A nice shinobi pub on the inner circle area of konoha
Details: Another year gone by and Kakashi is one year older. Feeling a kind of impending doom from his growing age he sits alone on a bar stool drinking a littte TOO much.
Rating: R for semi drunk pervert XD and language

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Admin Announcement

As some of you may or may not have heard, in the past few weeks there has been some work started on setting up a forum for the community.  We're hoping in the next little bit to move the rp threads over there where we'll be better able to keep active threads up top, as well as a few other good reasons to switch.

One of the biggest positives to switching to the forum is a clearer separation of the crack and canon.  Everyone here who is already an approved member/character(s) will be able to transfer it/them over to the forum.  There you have a choice, you can keep your character(s) for both crack and canon, or decided to only play one and free it up on the other game for someone else.  I'm going to be starting another ad campaign since the last one worked pretty well, but we're still in the set up phases so you have some time to think about this.  If you're going to play both, you will be able to set up two separate accounts to keep the storylines separate (for example, crack Neji is currently battered and hospitalized and Sasuke married and back in Konoha while obviously in canon that isn't the case for either)

There has also been a suggestion about bending the 2 character max rule in favor of allowing some of the minor/supporting cast to be picked up.  You know, the characters that don't get much screen time but sure do help when it comes to moving the plot along or even giving us more bodies to fill teams for missions and such (Genma, Hiashi, Kotetsu... etc).  It would be along the lines of 2 major characters, 1 minor or something. It's an interesting idea, and any feedback would be welcome on it.

anyways, as I said, we're still fine tuning things before we invite you guys over to get started.  Any thoughts, comments or requests for the forum will be helpful. And if you already know that you will/will not be coming over please let us know.  We will still be running on AIM as well as keeping the coms here up, but it would be nice if everyone came over with us. so far it seems the idea is crack storyline will continue where it is, canon is going to start over, picking up around the time frame where Naruto returns from training which will give our Akatsuki and Oto-nin more to play around with. again, we're still tweaking it.

looking forward to hearing back from you guys on this one

ja ne!


Might Not Be on For Awhile

Um...well apparently my mother broke the fire code of our building by allowing my brother to sleep in the basement so we might get thrown out...
So i might not be on AIM or the com for awhile but I will keep rping through emails.

But the funny part about it all is, I didn't know the inspectors were already here, I went downstairs and said "Hey little bro move your bed."
And was not my brother in his room but the inspector woman, she just kinda closed her eyes and shook her head and I stood there for a sec, realizing what I just said and kinda just walked back upstairs XDDDD

I had the biggest "Oh shit" image on my face ever probably...well now we can't lie about it...since I opened my big mouth T_T

EDIT: Well apparently that woman was our landlady who thinks its dumb that Kyle cant stay in the basement. The inspector didnt hear my comment and we passed! Her shaking her head at me was her signal for me to shut up... So nevermind XD
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