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ACTIVITY CHECK! [Oct. 9th, 2007|04:11 am]
OOC Community of Sora no Hikari


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the forum is nearly ready.  care to peek?

At this point I believe it's alright for you to register, go read the rules and all but please no posts just yet.  what I need from everyone now is to know who is coming over, and whether you are planning to keep your character/s for crack, canon, or both.

After that I'm going to start the massive advert campaign to try and fill as many holes as possible.  the canon line will be started from scratch, picking up right after Naruto returns from training at the beginning of shippuden so as to give our evil doers more to evilly do. Crack will be picked up from where we are current, if your character isn't terribly involved in the crack now that's fine, gives you more to play with >.<

And to our Akatsuki!  I hope you guys will pick up and join in the crack!  Gaara is bored and getting fat, and I think Naruto is as well.  We have so many bad guys... and no evil going on! 

As always, any questions, comments, suggestions are welcome!

ja ne!

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